It doesn’t take long to realize that innovation and transformation are not one-time events in the digital era: They are ongoing. A few years ago, “big data” technologies forever changed how we think about the storage and management of data; shortly thereafter, new analytics packages arrived that could ingest that data; then, machine learning and AI. This cycle of platform innovation is not likely to stop or slow.

mondo bongo studios was founded as a permanent home for emerging technology experimentation. A digital innovation studio razor focused to answer one question, “how will emerging technology impact our lives?” In the studio, new ideas and new technology are tested to determine their commercial viability and the apllication thereof perfected, without committing a lot of resources – until ready for market. Conversely, if an idea does not pan out, no damage has been done.

Key, however, is that the studio show ideas and technology have commercial value quickly.

Innovative projects that show commercial potential have minimum ARR of $10 million to be considered for development.

“if you analyze the function of an object, it’s form often becomes obvious.”

F.A. Porsche